New Students

three female students unpack a car on move in day on the biddeford campusOnce you have submitted your housing and admissions deposits to Student Accounts, your online housing application will be activated. You must complete a Housing and Dining Application/Contract on U-Online by selecting the "Student Services" option from the menu. You will then be able to select "16/17 Housing and Dining Contract" to complete your housing application. You can also download the housing and dining contract (PDF).

Your housing assignment notice will include your room assignment, mailing address, and information about your roommate including their UNE email address. You may want to reach out to your future roommate to coordinate what you plan to bring to school, please see our New Student Housing Guide and Frequently Asked Questions for answers to your many questions.

Returning Students

Choosing next year’s housing can be an exciting time, but it’s important that you keep yourself informed about the procedures and deadlines. Students are broken up into selection rounds based on class standing — determined by your number of credits and not your anticipated graduation year — and randomly assigned a selection number. It is important to remember that regardless of your selection number you may not get your first choice, so you should be prepared with a backup plan. When creating alternative plans, you should consider situations in which your group is split up during selection.

Six easy steps to guide you through housing selection

  1. Complete the Housing Intent Form on U-Online to receive your selection number. All students currently living on campus need to complete the U-Online Housing Selection Intent Form so we have an accurate account of who will be returning to campus housing for the upcoming academic year.
  2. Renew your Housing and Dining Contract for the upcoming academic year.
  3. Receive your selection number from your RA.
  4. Come to the appropriate Housing Selection Day with all of the people with whom you wish to live. You will use the Housing Selection appointment time of the person with the lowest, or best, selection number.
  5. When the lowest selection number of your group is called, all the people in your group come up to select from available rooms. It is imperative that you come with a backup plan in case your first choice is not available. If any of your group members are unable to attend, you must pick up their housing information when you check in to serve as their proxy.

Setting up a proxy

You can set up a proxy by sending an email from your myUNE email account stating the name of the person that will serve as your proxy and a list of housing preferences, or by submitting a signed letter to the Office of Housing and Residential/Commuter Life with the same information. Students who are studying abroad will be contacted by email in February with information about housing selection and proxies.

Requesting a room change

Students interested in a room change may submit a Room Change Request Form to the Office of Housing and Residential/Commuter Life after the completion of the Housing Selection process. Room change requests will be accommodated in order of the date received and based on space availability.

Additional Information

Visit selection procedures for more information on selecting housing.